Portable Accessories

Eco Bump

EcoBump is our latest and most compact bump gas solution that enables quick and easy bump testing for our range of gas detection products.
Importantly, bump testing is the only way to validate that gas detectors will respond to gas and trigger user alarms.
Measuring only 7.2” (180mm) in height (including the push button regulator), the pocket-sized EcoBump can easily be stored and transported with minimal shipping costs.

Protege ZM Stationary Test Station

The Protege ZM Stationary Test Station stores monitor event data and test data logs.

Protege ZM Portable Test Station

The Protégé ZM Portable Test Station performs bumping, calibrating, programming and hibernating of up to four Protégé ZM monitors simultaneously.


The test station stores monitor event data and test data logs. It is designed to be used with 34 - 103L bottles of calibration gas.

PS500 ABC Station

To provide accurate performance and results, the PS500 has to be properly used and maintained. The Auto Bump & Calibration Station (ABC) provides bump testing, calibration and data management options and is compact, robust and intuitive to use.


Two versions of the ABC are available allowing either a single gas cylinder or up to three cylinders to be connected. Additionally, a special three cylinder version is available for reactive gases.

PS200 Series Rubber Boots

Colored rubber boots for protection, multi-site or multi-application working. Seven colors available (black, grey, yellow, red, orange, blue and green).

PS200 5-Way Multi Charger

The 5-Way Charger is specifically designed for use with the PS200 Series portable gas detector.  Simply plug it in and charge up to five units simultaneously.

PS200 ABC Station

The multifunctional Auto Bump/Calibration (ABC) station provides simple but intelligent testing and calibration of the PS200 portable gas detector. Easy to use, with a durable, user friendly design, this automated test station offers high performance from a PC or stand-alone unit.

The ABC station dramatically improves compliance record-keeping, efficiency and accuracy. Once the PS200 is placed in the dock it can be tested, calibrated and charged. Extremely cost effective, the station requires no testing and minimal effort by users.