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Gas detection in automotive industry
The automotive industry brings together a variety of production activities: metalwork, electronics, bodywork, paint, mechanics and therefore all the gas hazards associated with it. The economic weight of this sector imposes high work rates and a large workforce. Any factory shutdown would have  particularly damaging consequences, and effective and comprehensive protection of personnel and the site in the detection of gases and flames is therefore absolutely essential. Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection's range of fixed and portable detection solutions, the largest on the market, adapts to your site and your needs.


  • The foundry for steel and aluminum cast parts for engine blocks, cylinder head, casings ...
  • The machining of metals for the manufacture of spare parts for suspensions, transmissions, crankshafts, gears ...
  • Forge for production of engine parts, transmissions and suspensions
  • Stamping/welding to produce body panels/doors
  • Plastics: manufacturing polymer molded body panels, finishing and dashboard parts, seats and interior trim elements


  • The bodywork workshop, chassis assembly and final assembly

Test bench 

  • Test benches with rotating or non-turning engines are dedicated to a specific application: climate (temperature, rain, wind), power, EMC, RF, braking, fuel consumption...
  • During these various tests the vehicles are subjected to special environmental conditions, variable and severe, which require appropriate monitoring.

Final step

  •  The treatment of metal surfaces (treatments using chemicals or toxic products, paint operations with solvents, VOCs)
  • Use of adhesives, refrigerants