Ammonia Gas Detectors

DG7 Series

The DG7 Series is a group of intelligent gas detectors employs a wide choice of sensor types.
The DGI -TT7-E is used for Toxic gases or Oxygen monitoring.
The DG-TT7-S is a solid-state metal oxide semiconductor.
The DG-TX7 employs a pair of OXYCOL catalytic sensors

700 Series

The sensor electronics are completely protected and immune to water ingress and corrosion. The sensor elements are all plug-in components and can easily be replaced in the field. Operator interface is non-intrusive via a small handheld magnet. Configuration and routine calibration is intuitive and menu driven with fully scripted instructions. Sensor status is displayed on a built-in alphanumeric LED display. The 700 Series intelligent sensor modules feature dual redundant outputs, a linear 4-20 milliamp analog signal and a Modbus RS-485 serial output.

PS500 Series

PS500 Gas Detector

Designed by our customers, this robust and accurate gas detector provides unrivaled protection in confined space applications.

The PS500 can be tailored to detect up to five gases with its toxic and catalytic sensors, photo ionisation detectors, and
infrared capabilities. “Plug and Play” option allows the customer to “plug in” a new board with a different gas range.

BM 25 & MX 40 Wireless

Light-weight, rugged, transportable BM25 multi gas monitor detects one to five gases.  4-month data logging capacity. Suited for a wide range of industries.


Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection is pleased to introduce its wireless system with the OLCT 80 field detector/transmitter. This new model allows wireless connectivity in ATEX 1 zones.

Features and benefits of the OLCT 80 Wireless include:

OLCT 200


At Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection, we understand the cost of equipment downtime and false alarms, so we ensure all of our products are designed with maximum reliability in mind.

  • SIL-2 – Hardware assessed to be SIL-2 capable
  • Security mode allows for lockout of critical parameters
  • "Fault Supervision" circuitry
  • Programmable warm-up and cal delays to avoid false alarms


The OLCT 200 can be configured to meet nearly any application through its state-of-the art features and options.