Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors

OLCT 20 - OLC 20

The OLC(T) 20 Series of gas detectors are designed for indoor or outdoor facility monitoring and other applications to accommodate your gas detection requirements at a reasonable price.

OLC(T) 20 Detector
The new generation of OLC 20 combustible sensors are unaffected by poisons. The units provide extremely quick response times and complete reliability. They can be fitted on a housing with a M25 or 3/4" NPT thread.

CTX 300

Satisfy your most demanding safety requirements. The CTX300 oxygen detector, available with optional CO2 sensors, also detects toxic and refrigerant gases in unclassified areas.


Industry proven performance combined with a new, low-profile design make the Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection AirAware™ a logical choice for those critical areas that require continuous monitoring but not the environmental protection of a weather proof or explosion-proof enclosure. Providing discrete monitoring and enhanced aesthetics for more commercial or institutional settings, the AirAwareTM Series is the ideal solution for reliable, low-cost fixed-point monitoring.


Digital combustible detector for oxygen, toxic gases or combustible

The OLCT 10N is a digital combustible gas detector designed for to detect combustible, toxic gases or oxygen. 

Intended for use in combination with the MX 32 and  MX 43 controller, the OLCT 10N provides a fast and accurate response.

All transmitter information is received by the controller in less than 1 second.

OLCT 10 - OLC 10

Designed for use in boiler rooms and parking garages, the OLCT 10 and OLC 10 monitors give you the most cost-effective solution for the continuous monitoring of toxic (OLCT 10) or flammable gases (OLCT 10, OLC 10) and vapors in ambient air. Easy to install and operate, these detectors combined with the MX 15 control unit meet demanding user requirements.