First Responder CG - Portable Gas Leak Detector

First Responder CG - Portable Gas Leak Detector
  • PPM , LEL and Volume flammable gas ranges for leak detection and general monitoring.
  • Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulphide ranges for internal safety monitoring.
  • Probe mounted Semiconductor Sensor (Range 0 – 4,500 ppm – 20 %LEL), providing instant response leak detection with audible / visual ‘Ticker’ (Geiger) alarm indication.
  • Simple four button operation allowing quick access to all features.
  • Automatic and manual datalogging.

Product Information

The First Responder CG is a combustible gas indicator designed for emergency response technicians in the gas industry. It detects flammable gas at PPM, LEL and % Vol levels with the addition of carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide for internal atmosphere monitoring.
Additional external range diffusion probe with high speed semiconductor sensor enables rapid response in detecting small fitting leaks.