OLCT 80-Wireless for the Naval Arms and Energy Industry

Application Engeneering Case Study

A large French company working in the naval arms and energy industry designs and builds warships, combat systems and port facilities.

Its facility in France manufactures military submarines. Our customer needed to monitor areas at risk for anoxia within the chamber of a submarine that was under construction.

Since personnel within the vessel are frequently on the move, the safety manager was seeking anoxia detection equipment that could be easily transported by operators from one area to another. In addition, the customer noted that any cables throughout the vessels would be highly prone to damage.

With the OLCT80-Wireless option, we were able to meet the customer's requirements and make it possible to transmit alarms via a secure radio signal. With the support of our Application Engeneering team, a network of 15 OLCT80-Wireless devices was placed throughout the submarine and was designed and proposed in conjunction with an MX43-Wireless Controller installed in the control room.