MX 62 for Compressor Stations

Application Engeneering Case Study

GRT Gaz is a subsidiary of the GDF Suez Group and is a sister company to the Elengy subsidiary which is dedicated to methane tanker activities, and to Storengy which is dedicated to underground natural gas storage. Its main role is to operate, maintain and develop the network of natural gas transportation in France.

GRT Gaz has undertaken the construction of new secured compressor stations in France in order to increase their transportation capacity and meet customers’ needs. Having a long partnership with the Oldham team and a successful experience with  gas detection solutions, GRT engaged our Application Engeneering team to design and install a global solution based on the MX 62 controller.

SIL2/SIL3 certified according to EN50402/IEC61508, the MX 62 offers advanced functions (OR, AND, NAND, VOTING) that allow the gas detection system to match the alarms hierarchy and processing to GRT Gaz general specifications.

Selected for their efficiency and reliability (due to “Fail Safe” technology) and non-intrusive calibration, flame detectors and OLCT IR infrared detectors cover the ATEX zones. Due to the density of the gas to be detected, the OLCT IR detectors were installed on the ceiling close to potential gas leaks, and have were equipped with a remote calibration cup for safe and easy calibration.