OLCT 80-Wireless for the Naval Arms and Energy Industry

A large French company working in the naval arms and energy industry designs and builds warships, combat systems and port... Read more

SIL Rated Products for TNK-BP

TNK-BP is a major Russian Oil company, founded in 2003 and owned by BP and Alfa Group, Access Industries and Renova. As the third largest oil producer in Russia, its aim is to eliminate the... Read more

A Solution for Degremont

The primary aim of wastewater treatment is to remove solids from wastewater. This process produces a sludge, which must be stored in hazardous areas in the wastewater plant. Gas risks are related... Read more

MX 62 for Compressor Stations

GRT Gaz is a subsidiary of the GDF Suez Group and is a sister company to the Elengy subsidiary which is dedicated to methane tanker activities, and to Storengy which is dedicated to underground... Read more