Non-explosive Gas Detectors

Calibration Station : GDUnet

The Gas Delivery Unit (GDUnet) automates the essential task of regular instrument bump testing and calibration, ensuring that the Gasurveyor family of instruments are functioning correctly.
The GDUnet has 3 modes of operation, for all user requirements:
1) ‘Network mode’ using Ethernet
2) ‘PC mode’ using flexiCal Plus software
3) ‘Stand Alone mode’ – no PC required


This collection of probes and accessories, complements Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection’s portable gas instrument range. Delivering enhanced solutions to your gas detection requirements.

Applications :

  • General surveying work
  • Restricted access surveying
  • General Leak detection
  • Pipeline leak detection
  • Rapid leak detection
  • Barhole probing
  • Flue gas analysis
  • Street surveying
  • Marine testing

Calibration Station : GT

The GT Calibration Station provides a safe and convenient method of calibrating the GT Series instrument.  The calibration station for mixed gases should be mounted on a vertical surface for best results.

Gasurveyor Charger

The GMI Standard Gasurveyor Charger takes approximately 14 hours to charge a flat battery.