Our Brands


Established in 1983, Teledyne Detcon designs and manufactures a wide range of industrial grade gas detectors, control systems, analyzers and wireless technology. The company has continued to grow in product base and market share. Application experience includes virtually every conceivable type of industrial facility. Teledyne Detcon’s wide range of sensor technology and electronic product designs establishes a competitive advantage in providing practical and affordable gas detection solutions in even the most difficult and challenging industrial environments.

Gas Measurement Instruments

Founded in 1947, Teledyne GMI is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality and innovative portable gas detectors, specifically designed for the oil and gas, chemical and shipping industries world-wide. Teledyne GMI continues to invest heavily in research and development, a high percentage of which is spent on the development of state-of-the-art instruments and new sensing technologies. Teledyne GMI is ISO 9001:2008 approved, BSI registered and a member of the council for gas detection and environmental monitoring (COGDEM).

Oldham Simtronics

Established in 1848, Teledyne Oldham Simtronics designs and manufactures a wide range of gas detectors, control systems, flame detectors and wireless technology. The company has continued to grow in product base and market share. With continuous product development over the past 70 years, Teledyne Oldham Simtronics has always been a benchmark in gas and flame detection worldwide. Its tailor-made project development teams have enabled Teledyne Oldham Simtronics to constantly evolve according to the demands and needs of its customers.

Oldham Winter

Founded in 1959, Teledyne Oldham Winter is recognized as an expert in Fixed Gas Detection. Their products are always application-related and solution-oriented. Whether a simple one Gas detector or a comprehensive Monitoring for multiple rooms or areas - their stationary gas warning systems are designed to meet the special requirements of customers. Whether on site or from site plans, they offer you the best solution for your flame or Gas monitoring and for its maintenance.



  • Based in Dortmund, Germany


Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection began after World War II with the Davis Emergency Equipment Company’s portable gas detector line including the Vapotestor.  Scott Safety, then a part of Tyco, acquired Davis in 1971, and expanded its offering with fixed gas detection products in 1975.  In 1999 Scott Safety acquired Bacharach and EIT products and moved into the EIT factory in Exton, Pennsylvania in the U.S.  This further expanded the companies portable and fixed gas detector offerings and brought about the highly accurate Rock Solid line of electrochemical sensors for fixed gas detection.