LPG detection in the oil and gas industry

Leak detection of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a common problem in several sectors of the oil and gas industry. Whatever your field, this approach is essential to protect your employees and secure your sites against the dangers of LPG.

Which sector is affected by the risk of LPG leaks

  • Filling stations (LPG bottling sites for domestic use);
  • Storage areas (bulk relay, gas storage for distribution);
  • The industrial sector where the LPG is stored and used as an energy source;
  • Gas stations (sale of LPG as fuel).

Today, several solutions allow you to prevent the risks associated with LPG, a particularly flammable and explosive hydrocarbon. Among the most recommended solutions is the installation of gas and flame detectors. These devices will warn you in the event of abnormal gas concentrations, or the start of a fire and trigger different safety devices.

Obligations for the implementation of gas and flame detection solutions:

  • Ministerial decree 4718 of 21/09/2017, for bulk relays, bottling sites, and customer facilities.
  • Order of 30/08/2010 heading 1414-3, for service stations

Which detectors should you use to guard against LPG leaks?

Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection offers several approved LPG leak detectors to prevent risks associated with the use or storage of explosive or flammable gases. In particular, we recommend the fixed catalytic detectors OLC-OLCT100, the IR detector GD10P, the IR3 flame detector DFTV7, the portable gas leak detection equipment  PS200 suitable for the marine sector and the detection controller, MX43 and the GPLc kit especially developed and suited to LPG dispensers in service stations.

Sale/ rental of LPG leak detectors

Our international network of subsidiaries, representatives and experienced distributors allows us to provide you with LPG leak detectors whatever your location and your sector of work (refinery, extraction, distribution, storage, etc.).

Do you have one-time needs or an emergency? Enjoy the benefits of our rental service. Teledyne also offers a range of services to facilitate and optimise the use of your gas detection systems: commissioning, technical assistance, on-site maintenance, repair, etc.