A company only exists through its ability to adapt to a constantly changing economic, social and technical environment. Our desire for economic growth, the development of our activities and our operational performance is based on an integrated management system for Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment. With the support and continued commitment of the management teams, we are committed to:

  • Meet applicable requirements, customer requirements and TELEDYNE Group requirements in terms of quality, health, safety, and environment
  • Ensuring that this approach is understood, appropriated, and implemented by all employees, each at their own level
  • Putting employee participation and consultation at the heart of the systems and actively listening to our interested parties
  • To make available all the resources, tools, and indicators necessary to carry out the actions targeted to achieve the strategic and operational QSSE objectives defined each year
  • Periodically ensure the effectiveness and relevance of the integrated QHSE management system and its objectives to continuously improve its performance while reducing risks, providing safe and healthy working conditions, and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • To succeed in this progress approach, our integrated management system is based on fundamental notions in the four areas below, which constitute the foundations of our organization, and to which I ask for everyone's active participation and full support.


Annual QHSE management review

  1. to identify the causes and deviations observed
  2. to assess the effectiveness and relevance of the QSE management system in place
  3. define and plan improvements (new objectives, preventive or corrective actions, changes in methods, tools, etc.)

These conclusions are based on an analysis of tools, indicators, gaps, feedback, action plan, achievement of objectives, etc.

Quality Policy Goals

The goal of our quality management system is to establish, control and continuously improve our critical business and manufacturing processes to ensure that our products and services satisfy our customers and conform to their requirements.

  • Adopt the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015
  • Provide our customers with the best products and service available in the market
  • Reduce waste and non-quality costs
  • Empower and train our employees to refuse to compromise on quality
  • Reinforce a management style based on a strong presence in the field, coaching, supporting teams and making everyone accountable
  • ​Manage priorities and focus on val​ue-added activities​