Our family of controllers keeps growing - Discover the MX 62 TP control unit!



If you need trouble-free gas detection that is easy to install and operate, Teledyne Oldham Simtronics can help. We understand the daily hazards that can arise when using various gases, and the difficulties this can present in ensuring safety in your working environment. That is why we are proud to announce the launch of our new 'TP' touch panel control unit, the MX 62 TP.


The MX 62 TP​ features the latest HMI (Human Machine Interface) specifically designed to facilitate interaction with the controller and the wider gas detection system. This interaction is simplified by a large (up to 15") fully interactive high-resolution colour touch screen, allowing clearer visualisation of critical gas detection data.

Access control features have also been enhanced with secure and controlled user profiles. These customised access profiles can be configured for specific individuals or groups and are controlled by identification, allowing greater control and flexibility when managing life-saving assets in safety-critical environments within nuclear, oil and gas, petrochemical, heavy industrial and research laboratory applications.

In addition, our event data logger ensures that every gas detection event (real or fake) is easily recorded, traced and detailed on the memory card, improving compliance monitoring and output reporting, and most importantly saving valuable time on a previously manual and paper-based process.


The MX 62 TP provides access to new functions such as:

  • User-friendly Human Machine Interface with visualization of detectors on site maps (optional)​
  • Continuous recording of events and alarms via the HMI. Data can be acquired on a memory card and compiled into CSV files
  • Sending messages via SMS (optional)
  • Remote management of your control unit via an embedded web page
  • Digital communication with other Teledyne Oldham Simtronics controllers using additional interfaces


The MX 62 TP complements the larger family of MX controllers, including the MX 16, MX 32, MX 43, MX 52, MX 62 and MX 256, offering our customers a wide range of control solutions designed to support your own gas detection needs.

Discover this new solution: our video & website