Free Training Webinar - SIL and Functional Safety for Gas and Flame detection



The term SIL is intended to represent the level of risk-reduction that a safety system can achieve and is a way of quantifying the impact and reliability of a system that performs a safety function. Each reduction in the level of risk of a factor of 10 means the improved system would have a higher SIL rating.SIL2

In the field of gas and flame detection, several functional safety standards apply. EN50402 specifies requirements on the functional safety of gas detection systems. It is a product standard with significance to gas detection equipment (systems and apparatus) manufacturers, or OEMs. Since a significant burden of the overall responsibility lies with the user of the system, the IEC60079-29-3 is also highly relevant to the operator​​ of a fixed gas detection system.

The terminology, standards and best practices related to SIL and functional safety in gas and flame detection are highly specific and specialised training is essential to master the topics. Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection has partnered with International Labmate and sbh4 consulting to deliver a live webinar so that industry practitioners can increase their level of awareness in this vital area.

Save the date: 22nd March 2022 at 13:00 Central European Time. 

Replay is through the following LINK HERE

The presentation from Stephen B. Harrison will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with the webinar delegates.

The emerging hydrogen economy will see the installation of many electrolysers that use renewable electricity to generate hydrogen and oxygen. Safe operation of these units requires gas detection as governed by international standards. This emerging application will receive special attention during the training webinar.


Whether the requirement is for open path gas detection, flame detection, or fixed gas detection Teledyne Gas and Flame detection has products that are certified to be capable of being integrated into a SIL classified functional safety system.

SIL2 certified products  

Webinar agenda

  • An introduction to SIL and functional safety

  • SIL and functional safety standards with relevance to gas and flame detection

  • Low demand, high demand, and continuous operational modes

  • SIL certification of gas detection equipment

  • Self-diagnostics and equipment redundancy

  • Gas detection installation and maintenance fundamentals

  • Gas and flame detection as part of an overall risk mitigation strategy

  • Emerging applications for gas and flame detection equipment

  • Example gas and flame detection products with SIL certification


Industry-expert presenter and host

Stephen B. Harrison is the founder and managing director at sbh4 consulting in Germany. 

The safe use of toxic and flammable gases is a fundamental pillar of his consulting practice. With a background in industrial gases including 27 years at BOC Gases, The BOC Group and Linde Gas, Stephen has intimate knowledge of a diverse range of gases from a technical and operational perspectives.

François Ampe, Product Line Manager EMEA, Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection
Experienced product manager for the global Teledyne Oldham Simtronics product line with a background in Integrated and Engineered Solutions, Product Management, Programme & Project and Sales Team Management. Gas and Flame Product Expert in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical & Chemical, Energy and Power Generation, Food and Beverage applications. Worldwide certifications experiences and member of the French Committee “CLATEX”, equipment intended to be used in potentially explosive atmosphere

My career has been built on customer satisfactions, products, solutions and teams under my supervision.​