Cloud-Based Platform by Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection Takes Gas Leak Detection to the Next Level


​​Gasurveyor 700 GDCloud Enabled

Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection is thrilled to announce the launch of an innovative cloud-based dashboard service tailored for their range of portable gas detectors.


Teledyne GDCloud™ combines the power of cloud-based automation with a simple and straightforward user experience to enable fast and secure data sharing, straightforward compliance reporting, and simplified field data analysis.


The popular GS700​ from Teledyne GMI, part of Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection, will be the first product to be fully compatible with GDCloud. The GS700 instrument utilises infrared gas detection technology in a robust and reliable design. A highly configurable instrument with leading performance and a user-friendly interface, the GS700 is in use at gas utilities around the world.


In an industry where connectivity is becoming increasingly essential to maintain the required levels of compliance whilst improving operational efficiency, there are numerous advantages to connecting to the GDCloud. These benefits include easy and secure field and calibration data access. The integration of cloud connectivity significantly enhances field gas leak detection by visualising all instrument data logging within Teledyne GDCloud™. This streamlined process enables data transfer while maintaining robust cybersecurity measures, ensuring that data security is consistently given top priority.


Importantly, centralised visibility of the GDCloud platform helps to automate regulatory compliance reporting. As a result, users can spend less time retrieving data logs from the field and calibration results, enabling them to dedicate more time to addressing critical business matters.


Deployed by adding a cellular router to the GDUnet (calibration station) and consequently, with minimal IT involvement, adoption is quick and easy, helping gas utilities gain fast access to benefits that include gas leak location tracking. Customers can store and process data from the field in Teledyne GDCloud™ software to map the location of measured data and pinpoint the geo-location of any leaks. Breadcrumb trail mapping further helps to enhance visualisation.


Users of the GDCloud can take advantage of many other enhanced features that include simpler fleet management, and comprehensive digital leak reports as part of preventative or condition-based maintenance strategies.


Ultimately, this new cloud connectivity capability from Teledyne Gas an​d Flame Detection enables powerful data analysis and visualisation (via a dashboard) in a secure web-based environment. Gas utilities can now have access to their data, at any time and from anywhere, helping them to keep staff safe, implement changes and increase productivity.


Field data is business data, so integrating the GDCloud with your existing GS700 instrument fleet will prove a highly effective way to meet demanding operational challenges and enhance overall utility performance through new-found efficiencies and cost savings. Moving forward, Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection will include the GS500 product line into its advanced GDCloud platform by the end of 2023, with additional products set to follow.