Natural Gas

Natural Gas storage  

Natural gas storage is ideal because it enables to compensate the increased gas consumption during winter with an easy an​​d low-risk storage during summer. Natural gas can be stored in liquefied form in huge tanks, but also in underground geologic formations.

Risks and detected gas

In case of leakage, a huge quantity of gas will immediately be released, catalytic detectors need oxygen, that’s why we recommend the use of IR detectors.

​Natural Gas Leaks

Working on and around Natural Gas distribution pipelines, there are numerous applications where Gas Detection and Measurement is required. Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection have a range of solutions to meet the needs of the Gas Engineer working indoors or outdoors, on low, medium or high-pressure pipelines.

Area Monitoring

In temporary work applications and areas where gas may present a hazard, the safety of personnel can be ensured by adopting the use of a transportable area monitors.

Personal Safety Monitor

Working in enclosed spaces, or applications where exposure to toxic and flammable gas or reduced oxygen concentrations are likely to occur, safe access and continuous monitoring of the ambient air is essential for the wellbeing of personnel and the security of the plant or gas distribution network.

Internal Leak Investigation

In addition to gas leaks reported on the distribution network, it is often the responsibility of a gas network operator to identify gas leaks in houses or buildings when alerted to suspected gas leaks.

Purging / Commissioning

Accurate and reliable measurement of the contents of a gas pipe is essential during the installation, repair or replacement of natural gas distribution pipelines.​​​​​