Interschultz 2022 Exhibition


As the world’s leading trade fair for the fire and rescue industries, both Teledyne FLIR and Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection will showcase a number of proven products that improve fire/gas identification and monitoring. Two brand new innovations will also be on the booth, bringing even more capabilities to the firefighting arena.


Among the class-leading products on display from Teledyne FLIR will be its K-series cameras, developed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of firefighting. The full range will be on the booth, starting with the K1 situational awareness camera that serves as an extra set of eyes on the fire scene, allowing commanders, officers and inspectors to complete a rapid yet thorough 360° assessment in total darkness and through smoke. Also on display will be the K2 compact thermal imaging camera (TIC) featuring Teledyne FLIR’s patented Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX®) technology, which produces richly-detailed thermal images by bringing together the visual and thermal spectrum.

Further TICs sure to attract the attention of Interschutz visitors will include the high-performance K33, K45, K53 and K55, with advanced features and functions to suit different requirements. The K65 NFPA-compliant will also be in the spotlight, as will the C5 compact thermal camera, which is ideal for identifying potential fire hazards such as hot fuses. In addition, booth visitors will see examples of Teledyne FLIR’s in-truck thermal camera chargers, along with a small representation of PVS series multi-purpose night vision monoculars, ITS thermal imaging cameras for traffic monitoring applications, and early fire detection solutions. Regarding the latter, Teledyne FLIR integration partner, MoviTHERM, has developed a thermal monitoring system that can detect rising temperatures before fire has the chance to spread.


Moving to sister company Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection, two new portable solutions will take centre stage at Interschutz. First up is the new Gas Laser, a device that adds remote natural gas detection capabilities to firefighting activities, enhancing safety and improving detection for fire services and first responders. Users can perform a quick scan of common venting points from distances of up to 30m.


Another new product is GT Fire, which increases gas detection capabilities as firefighters can isolate le​aks with greater accuracy while they wait for the utility company to arrive. With GT Fire, those in attendance can use the additional information to secure a scene more effectively.


Elsewhere on the booth, visitors will find other portable solutions such as the popular and compact Protégé ZM single gas monitor, and the PS200 four-gas monitor.


Fixed solutions on display from Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection are set to include the MX 32, a compact gas controller that takes analogue and digital inputs to meet the demands of various firefighting applications. Also on show will be the OLCT10N digital detector for combustible gases, toxic gases or oxygen, as well as the DF-TV7 series flame detector.


Whatever the requirement, a small investment in these innovative solutions from Teledyne FLIR and Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection can pay big returns, helping to save lives, protect buildings and ensure firefighter safety. Interschutz visitors are welcome to discuss their specific challenges and requirements with either company, both of which will have an experienced and knowledgeable team on the booth.


6/20/2022 12:00 AM
6/25/2022 12:00 AM