Cloud-Based Platform takes Gas Leak Detection to the Next Level​​

Compliance Eve​rywhere

Easily demonstrate compl​iance: ensure safe, secure, and seamless monitoring of your instrument's status. Empowered by industry leading cloud provider.

Bump and calibration screen

Field Data Analysis M​ade Simple

Turning gas reading data into actionable insights for enhanced safety and efficiency. Effortless field data assessment and powerful analysis tools at your fingertips.​


Enhance Visualisation with Breadcrumb Trail Mapping

Empower leak detection surveys with superior mapping and visualised data. Elevate post-survey analytics with secure time-stamped field evidence. Swiftly create digital leak reports.
Breadcrumb trail mapping

Simplify Fleet Management

Improve operational efficiency with streamlined fleet management and intuitive reporting tools.

Screen locations and items Contruction

Deployed with Minimal IT Involvement & Easy Adoption for Existing Fleets

Complete end-to-end cloud solution with no access required to your existing IT infrastructure​

Furthermore, unlock greater value in your fleet with effortless integration of 'GDCloud’ to realise the power of cloud connectivity