​What is Data Driven Management & Solutions?

Data Driven Management enables business to utilize real data from their own organizations to shape business and process decisions, without estimation and guesswork. The ability to harness the power of everyday field data to improve business performance ensures that organizations can focus on their own business, leaving the management of Gas Detectors to Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection.

Why is Field Data Important?

Data driven management enables business’ to utilize real data from their own organization to shape business and process decisions without estimation and guess work. Field Data can offer valuable insight into:

  • Workers exposure to harmful gases.
  • Process Efficiency.
  • Gas Detector Test and Maintenance routines.
  • Identification of "problem zones".
  • Identification of "unsafe" employee behaviors (e.g. slow response to alarm) supporting worker safety & training.

Accessing this information in a useful format allows decisions to be made that increases performance and efficiency, improves safety and ensures compliance. Using Field data in this way turns a safety alarm or leak locating device into a valuable data gathering tool, adding value to the business.

Benefits of Using Field Data:

  • Access accurate data which helps the business make timely and informed decisions.
  • Clear visibility of instruments performance.
  • Understand when the instrument requires bump / calibration to ensure safety and regulatory.
  • compliance.
  • Demonstrate compliance with legislation.​

To complement the Personal Surveyor and Gas Surveyor product ranges; Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection have developed a range of compact, robust and easy to use docking stations which provide customers with the confidence and assurance that their instruments will operate safely and effectively within the environment or application of use.

To achieve this, customers have the ability to run various tests as standard, including full and quick bump tests, and more comprehensive calibration tests.

By adding docking station technology to your instrument, data can be easily retrieved using our user-friendly software in a time logged format. This is the first step to having full visibility and control of your own data.​