Brewery safety: gas detection (co2) in the food industry


Professionals in the brewing industry must ensure the safety of their brewery employees every day. Among the main risks associated with their industry are overexposure to carbon dioxide emissions (CO2), a colourless gas, especially produced during the fermentation process of beer.

Now, there are effective solutions to combat the dangers of excessive CO2 concentration. As a brewer or beer manufacturer, you can have carbon dioxide detectors installed. These devices have been specially designed to measure the level of CO2 in the risk areas of your breweries (tanks, storage areas, fermentation rooms, reservoirs, etc.) and to warn you in the event of potential dangers.

Which CO2 detectors ar​​e used in breweries?

Teledyne offers a wide selection of gas detectors for your breweries. Different models can ensure the protection of your staff. The choice of the detector will depend above all on your needs:

You would like to secure an enti​​re area 24/7 from carbon dioxide leakage

The installation of fixed gas detectors connected to a detection unit is recommended. Teledyne offers several fixed models, such as the CTX 300 detector equipped with a double beam infrared cell, the laser diode GD1 detection barrier, or the OLCT 10 N multi-gas digital detector.

You would like​ to protect your staff in temporarily confined spaces

The portable gas detectors specifically meet your detection needs during confined space operations, or for temporary and mobile work applications. Find several portable detection devices at Teledyne, such as the PS500 portable multi-gas detector, or the BM 25 multi-gas detection beacon.

Need help choosing suitable gas detectors for the safety requirements of your brewery? Our team is at your disposal at any time to support you in your project.