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A Revolution in Gas Detection: Introduc​​​ing New G​​​​​eneration Technology

 MEMS sensors, now available for the OLCT 100-XP-MS.

Gas detectors play a critical role in ensuring the safety of industrial environments where flammable gases and flames are present. However, traditional gas detectors have limitations, such as the risk of sensor poisoning and the inability to accurately detect multiple gases simultaneously.

To meet customer demand, our innovation teams has introduced an exciting new range of MEMS sensors applied to the OLCT100-XP-MS fixed gas detector.

MEMS Sensors

A revolution in gas detection has arrived!

Introducing the NEW OLCT 100-XP-MS now equipped with MEMS  (Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems) technology sensor.

The OLCT 100-XP-MS gas detector represents a new generation of gas detection technology.  These detectors now offer unprecedented reliability, environmental resistance plus the ability to detect multiple gases simultaneously.  The OLCT 100-XP-MS with its innovative MEMS sensor is set to revolutionise gas detection and take the market by storm!

What are the benefits of gas and flame detectors?

Superior gas detectors offer numerous benefits, including advanced sensor technology, the capacity to detect multiple gases simultaneously, and their assured levels of reliability makes them highly suited for gas detection in numerous gas detection applications such as industrial manufacturing, wastewater treatment, hydrogen, energy sector and fire response applications.

1-     Advanced Sensor Technology

These gas detector devices use MEMS technology (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems), an advanced sensor that offers several advantages over traditional sensors. MEMS sensors provide enhanced accuracy, stability and longevity of measurements, ensuring reliable gas detection in even the most challenging and complex industrial environments.

2-     Detection of Hydrogen

The detection of Hydrogen can be challenging in environments where O2 is not present in the atmosphere (Catalytic sensors will not react) . The presence of other gases, vapors, environmental contaminants can be also challenging for catalytic technology (creating a high risk of sensor poisoning). Infrared sensors are not capable of detecting Hydrogen. MEMS gas sensor offer an ideal alternative especially in environments where no other detection technology is possible.

 ​3-     Unprecedented Accuracy

With this exciting new range, users can confidently embrace additional advancements in gas detection technology beyond previous methods. You now have the superpower to get accurate and automatic readings without correlation factors along with gas classification. Delivering the market's most reliable readings for over 14 of the most common combustible gases and gas mixes — including hydrogen, methane, propane and butane, the device also reduces false alarms thanks to integral compensation for environmental parameters that include temperature, pressure and humidity. These detectors feature an internal automated correction system that performs an adjustment every 2 seconds throughout the working life of the sensor – a real superpower!  Inaccurate readings and false alarms are a thing of the past!

4-     Eliminates sensor poisoning

Traditional flammable gas detectors are susceptible to sensor poisoning, which can severely compromise their performance. Factors such as extreme pressure, temperature, humidity and flammable permanent background, very high flammable gas concentration can damage sensors and lead to inaccurate readings. However, the MEMS sensor is designed to be resistant to sensor poisoning and such kind of hard conditions. The advanced superpower sensor technology in the OLCT100-XP-MS detector remains unaffected by environmental toxins and contaminants, ensuring reliable and accurate gas detection even in challenging environments.

5-     Wide variety of applications

The versatility of the OLCT 100-XP-MS detector equipped with MEMS sensor makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it's the oil and gas industry, petrochemical plants, industrial manufacturing facilities, water and wastewat​er treatment plants, new energies, chemical component logistic, these detectors provide reliable gas detection solutions. The ability to accurately detect multiple gases simultaneously makes them ideal for environments where several different flammable gases may be present.

6-     Total cost of ownership

Anyone who purchases the OLCT 100-XP-MS detector will receive significant benefits in terms of total cost of ownership and safety. With an increased sensor lifespan, and a 15 years lifetime including a 2 years warranty, their lifetime cost is significantly reduced. In addition, the accuracy and reliability of these detectors ensures the safety of personnel and assets in hazardous environments, providing peace of mind to operators.

OLCT100 with MEMS logo

Stay safe with gas detection instruments

The OLCT 100-XP-MS fixed gas detector represents a significant leap forward in gas detection technology. With its super power ability to accurately detect in many environments, eliminate sensor poisoning and reduce the risk of false alarms, these detectors offer unparalleled reliability and safety. Whether in oil and gas, petrochemical, industrial manufacturing, or other industries, the OLCT 100-XP-MS provides a revolutionary solution for superior gas detection needs.

Stay ahead of the game and ensure the safety of your operations with the OLCT 100-XP-MS gas detector – with this innovative gas detector, the super power is in your hands!