The MultiTox DG7 Series


  • Refineries
  • Offshore drilling and production platforms
  • Processing and storage plants
  • Chemical plants.

Product Information


The MultiTox DG7 Series is a group of intelligent gas detectors employs a wide choice of sensor types.

The DGI -TT7-E is used for Toxic gases or Oxygen monitoring.

The DG-TT7-S is a solid-state metal oxide semiconductor.

The DG-TX7 employs a pair of OXYCOL catalytic sensors

All MultiTox DG7 Series are constructed from a common housing and electronics with the detection properties being determined by the type of sensor (cartridge) used. A wide range of cells are available, including hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and carbon monoxide to name a few. The cells are intrisically safe protected, and may be replaced with the detector powered.

The device has been designed for ease of operation and maintenance.